The 2006 Video Game Olympics
November 10 - 13, 2006

2006 Official Individual Results

2006 Official Team Results

November 10, 2006

If this year's logo is any indication, 2006 will be the best Olympics yet! Todd the super talented has created the greatest logo in the history of the logo creation! Everybody, please be sure to thank Todd for all of his extreme awesomeness! Todd, you are awesome! Thank-you!

The VGOC has begun the long and difficult process of preparing for the 2006 Video Game Olympics. Although 2005 was by far in a way the best Video Game Olympics yet, 2006 will be even better! As detailed and planned as 2005 was, scheduling problems and time conflicts continued to be the biggest hurdles. These problems have been ironed out and 2006 will be the best Video Game Olympics yet! Festivities will kick off promptly at 3 PM on Friday. Please schedule your time off accordingly. The 2006 Olympics will knock your socks off!

Additionally, the 2006 Olympics still has an active official forums website.

The VGOC has released a preliminary list of games and a weekend game schedule.

You can find pictures from 2006 here.

You can find the opening video from 2006 here.

If you did not receive an automatic invitation to the 2006 Video Game Olympics, don't worry. There are many, many Olympic qualifying tournaments and events between now and then. Remember, there's always the McCabe Infant Invitational!

I hope that each and every one of you makes the necessary preparations to be at the 2006 Video Game Olympics. Remember, we cannot have a good time unless you are there!

Your Friend (and VGOC liaison),
John Schneider - The 2005 VGO Grand Champion!