The 2007 Video Game Olympics
November 9 - 12, 2007

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The 2007 VGOs
November 9 - 12, 2007

TODD HAS MADE THE GREATEST LOGO OF ALL TIME!!! The 2007 VGO Logo is totally awesome! Seriously, though, have you looked at the 2007 VGO logo? I mean really admired it for all of its deep meaning, intense beauty, and historical signifcance? I am certain that scholars, acedemics, and countless others will be examining and debating its magnificence for years and years to come. The importance and far reaching implications of the 2007 Video Game Olympics logo cannot be understated! TODD HAS DONE IT AGAIN! Everybody, please be sure to thank Todd for all of his extreme awesomeness! Todd, you are awesome! Thank You!

In addition to the greatest logo of all time, the VGOC has put together the greatest Olympics of all time! We're going to have BEER! And MEAT! And BEER! And CHEESE! And BEER! And BACON! And BEER! And VIDEO GAMES! And BEER! And STREEEEEEEEEETZ! And BEER! And HALO 3! MARIO KART! NASCAR HEAT! NHL 08! Wii SPORTS BOWLING! GUITAR HERO! And BEER! And don't forget about the ever popular MYSTERY EVENTS! There's only one thing missing from the 2007 Video Game Olympics...You! Without you, there is no Video Game Olympics! Without you, 2007 will completely suck and no one will have any fun. But with you, 2007 will be the greatest Olympics yet!! People will be talking about you for centuries! About how you saved the 2007 VGOs from complete disaster and helped make it the greatest annual party of all time! And it was all because of you! They will probably even put a statue up in your honor, right next to Todd's, the man whose logos were classified as exquisite works of art, sold for millions, and ended up at the Louvre. So, we can hardly wait to see you there! You will make the 2007 Video Game Olympics the best VGOs of all time!

Festivities kick off promptly at 3 PM on Friday. Although you are "the one" and the only way 2007 will be a smashing success, the VGOs waits for no man. So, please, schedule your time off accordingly. We wouldn't want you to miss a thing!

Additionally, the 2007 Olympics still has an active official forums website.

The VGOC has released a preliminary list of games and a weekend game schedule.

You will find all of the 2006 VGO information here. You'll find all sorts of great information there, like the 2006 Official Individual Results and the 2006 Official Team Results. Also, you will find pictures from 2006 there and I think that you can access the 2006 opening video from there, too. So, going to the 2006 VGO page can be quite useful if you are looking for information specifically from the 2006 Video Game Olympics!

If you did not receive an automatic invitation to the 2007 Video Game Olympics, don't worry. There are many, many Olympic qualifying tournaments and events between now and then. Remember, there's always the McCabe Infant Invitational!

I hope that each and every one of you makes the necessary preparations to be at the 2007 Video Game Olympics. Remember, we cannot have a good time unless you are there!

Your Friend (and VGOC liaison),
John Schneider - The 2006 VGO Grand Champion!